ICC-ES Approval ESR 3255
Eco Red ShieldTM wood protection coating, wood products are recognized for use in above ground application and to resist attack by fungal-decay and subterranean termites, including Formosan termites. CLICK HERE FOR A COPY OF THE ESR.


Air Quality Test Report
Eco Red Shield has met GREENGUARD GOLD certification as evidenced by third-party test results in accordance with UL 2821 test method to show compliance to emission limits on UL 2818 Section 7.1 and 7.2. This product is determined compliant in accordance with California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method V1.1-2010 using the applicable exposure scenario(s).
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Approved LADBS Research Report - Eco Red Shield™
LADBS Research Report for Eco Red ShieldTM that approve the use of this technically advanced building material within the City of Los Angeles.
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Hawaiian Approval MMA2012-0060 Eco Red Shield™
Dated: October 16, 2012 Department of Planning and Permitting, Building Division, City and County of Honolulu: Report of Action on Request for Approval of Methods and Materials Under Department of Planning and Permitting Codes and Regulations in Reference to Eco Red ShieldTM.
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Quality Auditing Institute (QAI) Listing B1053-1 - Eco Red Shield™
Recently the Company has engaged with QAI Laboratories, a similar consumer rating and product monitoring agency as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), to certify the coating process and provide a listing for the fire efficacy of Eco Red Shield treated lumber products.  On September 4th, 2012 the Company successfully achieved QAI Laboratories (QAI) listing B1053-1.


10-year Limited Warranty
Download ECOB's 10-year Limited Covered Structure Warranty here.
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Eco Red Shield™ Product Brochure
Go paperless & save a tree! Download the Eco Red Shield™ tri-fold product brochure here.
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Eco Red Shield™ Material Safety Data Sheet
Product specific information on safety, specifications, storage, use and handling.
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Eco Red Shield Wood Specification for Architects & Specifiers
This document contains technical specifications for call out on plans and drawings. Factory-applied fungal decay, termite resistant, mold and fire inhibitor coating for wood, including dimensional framing, sheathing, engineered wood components and other wood construction, not constantly exposed to weather.
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Eco Red Shield™ Strength Testing ASTM D-198
New testing reveals that Eco Red Shield™ lumber coating has no adverse effect on wood fiber strength. Louisiana State University Wood Durability Lab at Louisiana Forest Products Development Center performed testing of Eco Red Shield in accordance with ASTM D-198 testing protocols and the results confirm that Eco Red Shield coatings can be applied to all structural members including Engineered Wood Products (EWP).
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Eco Red Shield™ is Primed and Ready
Eco Red Shield™ Lumber Protection is a qualified primer for all exterior wood surfaces requiring paint. Exterior trim and fascia require a minimum of 1 coat of primer and 2 finish coats of paint.  When you buy exterior wood applications with Eco Red Shield the lumber is already primed and ready for paint - and you get the added protection from mold, wood-rot, termites and fire. All of this for about the same cost as building with and priming untreated lumber.
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Fire Protection

Untreated framing lumber can dry to tinder in wall cavities and especially attics - this tinder ignites rapidly, making it hard to exit a building and making it hard for firemen to fight the fire because load carrying capabilities have been compromised. Eco Red Shield™ Protected Lumber significantly slows ignition and reduces smoke produced during a fire. Eco Red Shield™ locks AF 21 Fire Inhibitor solids into the lumber for life.

Eco selected Douglas-fir solid sawn lumber for Class-A fire certification by choice. Plywood, OSB and EWP have good fire protection in ignition time and flame run but do not meet a commercial Class-A for multi-family specification by choice because we are trying to bring fire protection to residential homes at a cost-effective price.

At Eco, choice and direction are something we think about daily. Eco's CEO is consistently asked, "When will you have other lumber tested for Class-A fire resistance?" The fact that we selected only Doug-fir was by choice. Since Doug-fir is the strongest of the soft wood fibers in compression, bending and nail withdrawal, we wanted a stud or framing member that could be used in any region in the world. And it is for that reason that we chose the Doug-fir, becuase it is the only soft wood that could offer these characteristics. If and when we decide to coat and test other soft woods, we will let you know. For now, you have the strongest soft wood that grows in the PNW, and is readily available in all regions of the U.S. 
Eco's Class-A Open Web Floor Trusses: 
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Mold Protection
Eco Red Shield™ chemistry is an eco-friendly copolymer topical treatment that controls moisture in wood substrates. Moisture is the cause of all mold. Mold in turn births mycotoxins which are extremely toxic to humans and animals. This mold doesn't need a flood to grow these mycotoxins, it can birth them at just 30% humidity. These mycotoxins can get in your ventilation system causing allergies and even poisoning a human.


Termite Protection
Eco Red Shield™ protects against Formosan termites and other wood ingesting insects because the chemistry in Eco Red Shield locks solids into the wood substrate for life. One of these solids is called Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT) which is an industry approved natural pesticide for the prevention of all wood ingesting insects including termites and wood rot decay.
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Wood Rot - Decay Protection
Wood rot is the product of humidity and temperature change, mold and termites. Wood rot weakens lumber and can compromise a buidlings' structural integrity to unsafe levels and should be replaced. Eco Red Shield™ protects lumber against the causes of wood-rot – forming an eco-friendly barrier of protection and controls moisture for decades.  5% Wood-Rot Decay is equal to 80% structural loss in solid timbers.
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Corrosive Effects from Eco Red Shield™ Wood Coating
Download the attached Technical Bulletin # 1118 for a summary of testing performed in accordance with American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) E12-08 Standard Method of Determining Corrosion of Metal In Contact With Treated Wood (AWPA 2008).
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Protecting Timber Before and After Construction -
Methods to Prevent Timber Degradation
Timber is the predominate material used in residential and low-rise commercial construction and is included in approximately 90% of all residential structures in the United States. However, there are risks associated with timber framed structures that are not currently being addressed by engineers, contractors or timber suppliers.
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Treating Exposed End Cuts
Download the attached technical Bulletin # 1117 for insight on when and why to use Eco Red Shield™ End Cut Treatment.
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Eco's "Building Department" Campaign
This document contains a cover letter from Eco President & CEO Steve Conboy, and a current list of ALL of the Building Departments that we've contacted, informing them of our new ICC-ES ESR for Eco Red ShieldTM lumber products. We'll update this list weekly allowing you to follow us during our Courtesy Campaign, as we roll across America.
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Eco Christmas Tree Protection™ Material Safety Data Sheet
Product specific information on safety, specifications, storage, use and handling.
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Eco Disaster Break™ Material Safety Data Sheet
Eco Disaster Break™ is a Class A Fire Rated, UV Resistant, high performance, non-toxic, acrylic coating that forms a waterproof and seamless monolithic membrane. When applied to Eco Red Shield™ protected wood surfaces, EDB™ forms the most advanced defensive construction assembly available against water penetration, fire ignition, mold, rot and termites.
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Eco Disaster Cleaner™ Material Safety Data Sheet
Eco Disaster CleanerTM Industrial Concentrated Cleaner is non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable and water-soluble for use on all types of interior and exterior building surfaces. Quickly and easily cuts through grease, oil, and dirt.
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Eco Fire Break™ (AF-31) Material Safety Data Sheet
Product specific information on safety, specifications, storage, use and handling.
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Eco Flood Caulk™ Material Safety Data Sheet
Eco Flood CaulkTM is a high solids, premium quality, water-based, non-toxic, low VOC elastomeric 100% acrylic caulk that contains no solvents. It is not flammable, like some solvent-based caulking compounds. It is excellent for interior or exterior use to bridge cracks, fill holes and feather ridges.  It is designed to maintain outstanding performance characteristics for many years, remaining flexible, weather resistant and well adhered.
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Eco Seismic Walls
Seismic and high-wind engineered panels and frames, made with Smart Components® and protected with Eco Red Shield™ are designed to meet your project’s lateral and vertical demand loads and are custom manufactured in a controlled environment to ensure an exact fit every time – resulting in more efficient installation, reduced labor costs and time savings.
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Timber Structures in Hurricane and High Seismic Areas
This report supoorts our belief that building with lumber can be safer than concrete in seismic hot spots around the globe like Japan, California and Mexico.
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Technical White Paper: Rebuilding After a Super Storm

This technical white paper, in association with the Institute of Defensive Building Practices (IDBP), outlines the recommended steps and processes involved in a comprehensive, post-disaster rebuild; guided by defensive building practices.
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Eco Shelter Model Plans
Pre-fabricated. Pre-cut with no measuring or cutting. Check out all the different Eco Shelter model plans for relief housing, office space, meeting halls, medical clinics and virtually any other application imaginable. Eco Shelter are ideal for events, property management, remote locations and rapid relief around the world.
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ECOB Corporate Overview | Spring 2012
The ECOB Corporate Overview for investors contains all the pertinent company information and is ready for download.
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California Prop. 65 Wood Dust Warning
California Health and Safety Code 25249.6 states that, “no person in the course of doing business shall knowingly and intentionally expose an individual to wood dust without first providing a clear and reasonable warning”. 
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We test Eco Red Shield™ against untreated lumber using a blow torch. Check it out.


We're proud to announce that Eco Red Shield™ has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD certification. GREENGUARD Certified products are certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. For more information, visit While raw lumber cannot meet the requirements of this rigorous certification program, Eco Red Shield™ has been found [via third party testing with Air Quality Sciences, Inc. in accordance with ASTM D5116 protocols] to significantly reduce the natural formaldehyde off-gassing present in raw lumber.


Laboratory mold testing utilizing ASTM D5590 criteria. The top row indicates wood substrates with no biocides added to the coating. The left side specimens represent normal moisture content wood or dry conditions. The right side specimens represent high moisture content and extreme wetting conditions. The specimens were put into an environmental chamber for four weeks at 30 degrees C and greater than 90% humidity.  You can notice the top specimens grew mold on the cured film surface and the bottom specimens created a “Zone of Inhibition” around the specimen.